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I started avoiding seeing my fellow grad school mates as I feared I would be asked about my thesis progress, and instead used to go to the library.

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As soon as all of it were ready, the next task was formatting with all the alignments, spacing, headlines, fonts, maintaining uniformity in abbreviations, captions for tables and figures, checking chemdraw structures for errors and citing references (a big phew especially for that).

Mendeley made it easy for me when it came to references, as I had put all of my references in it beforehand.

I am sure she was dead worried as to me being able to finish on time as a lot weighed on a timely submission (my fellowship ending plus her going on maternity leave).

However, she understood my problem, chalked out a plan for me to start focusing on other chapters which I just needed to put together and connect the missing links and then focus on the introduction.

The main part was the introduction, which took me quite a while to write.

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I was consumed by the humongous amount of literature, and just couldn't decide what to include and what to leave off.I finished mine in 3 months (out of which I procrastinated for 1.5 months writing the Introduction chapter, so frankly leaving me just 1.5 months to finish). Introduction (including literature survey) 2 and 3 - Results and Discussion 4 - Experimental Before I started writing, most of my Chapter 2 3 were already written as I had a detailed report on the results which I had to submit as part of my MPhil to Ph D transfer viva and yearly reports.Also, I didn't have to worry much about my Chapter 4 as I had compiled the experimental data (spectral details mainly) already while submitting the papers.Going to Oxford to present my research work in between did help lifting my spirits up, but it vanished after a few days of returning home.After 1.5 months of this cycle, I realised I wouldn't be able to finish on time, considering my fellowship would be ending soon. Even though they were written, but they still needed to be moulded to become a part of my thesis.I realised I had almost isolated myself from people for the last 1.5 months, which was not at all healthy.I just couldn't find a way out of the procrastination-feeling guilty cycle.One fine day, I just came out of the house, went to a counsellor in the university well-being centre, just talked out everything which I had been accumulating within myself.Venting out everything helped me to take stock of the situation and gave me some courage to meet my supervisor whom I was avoiding for some time now. You can finish in minimum time if you have already written papers and yearly reports during the course of your Ph D.It will take more time if you are writing everything from scratch.


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