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By the way, you must bear in mind that it has been written to simulate a strong B2 level, without reaching C1.

Each piece of writing must have between 140 and 190 words, approximately.

Since they are different types of writing, the language and structures to use will also differ.

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  • How to Write an Essay Without Using I Synonym

    Often, you can turn the perspective around to avoid using the first person. If you find yourself discussing yourself, return the reader to the subject at hand by saying, “This thesis will reveal” rather than “I will describe in this thesis.”. Be direct in your statements and avoid interjecting your opinion.…

  • How To Write Essay. Tips For Writing A Good Essay

    Tips And Tricks 1. Get A Second Opinion. Oftentimes, people will write essay and feel completely satisfied. 2. Consider Counterarguments. When you write essay, remember that the primary point is to defend. 3. Do Not Procrastinate. Although many people think the key to writing great essays.…

  • How to Write a Strong Conclusion for Your Essay

    How to conclude an essay Restate the thesis by making the same point with other words paraphrase. Review your supporting ideas. For that, summarize all arguments by paraphrasing how you proved the thesis. Connect back to the essay hook and relate your closing statement to the opening one.…

  • Tips on How to Write a Descriptive Essay Sample - A Research.

    In writing a descriptive essay, first you need to know how to start a descriptive essay. Then you have to make sure that you have the format of the essay at your fingertips. In a descriptive essay, you may be asked to write about a person, or about a place.…

  • How to Write Better Essays 5 Concepts You Must Master.

    Development of Your Thesis. All the other paragraphs in your essay will revolve around this one central idea. Your thesis statement consists of the one or two sentences of your introduction that explain what your position on the topic at hand is. Teachers will evaluate all your other paragraphs on how well they relate to this statement.…

  • How to Teach Your Students to Write an Essay - Busy Teacher

    Depending on the topic of an essay, students can start it with a story from their personal experience. This is a good way to grab an attention. Discuss this option with your students, listen to their suggestions. Discussions will help them learn the material better.…

  • How to Write an Essay in German 4 Strategies for Success.

    Successful Strategies for Writing an Essay in German. Are you ready to start writing? Use these four strategies to wow your teachers and write the perfect German essay. 1. Write down a list of words that you want to incorporate. When you’re getting ready to write your essay, make sure to make a list of words that you want to incorporate.…

  • How to Write an Essay in 6 Simple Steps ScoolWork

    Outline the Essay. When writing your essay outline, you should plan your essay paragraph by paragraph, starting with the essay introduction and strong thesis statement all the way to the essay’s conclusion, according to your chosen essay pattern. A solid outline will make the writing of your essay quicker, easier, and more pleasant.…

  • How to Write a Persuasive Essay Step by Step -

    Then, it’s time for a thesis statement. In this sentence—the most important part of your essay — you should introduce the topic; present your point of view; tell your readers how you are going to do that e.g. by providing some factual evidence. Don’t forget about a transition to the body part of the essay.…

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