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Chose a location that you’ve come to know as an adult. Recall a key lesson that parents or family members tried to impart onto you as a child.Compare how you interact with this setting now to how you interacted with similar settings when you were a child. For example: “live with a healthy mind and healthy body,” or “put others before yourself.” Revisit that lesson as an adult and connect it to how you have come to interpret it as you grew up or in your adult life.

Recall a moment in which you felt a strong spiritual or unidentifiable energy.

Describe the scene in vivid detail, with special attention to the senses.

If you stop writing for more than 5 seconds, everything you’ve written disappears.

It’s like writing with someone with a whip behind your chair.

Don’t change the basic facts of the event, only select different facts and present them differently.26. Try to remember a friend from that time period, and describe the first memory of a time when they pressured you or made you uncomfortable or angry.31.

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If you could throw five items into the fire, what would they be and why? Take a small, boring moment that happened today and write as much as you can about it. Write about experiencing the craziest natural event you’ve ever seen — tornado, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane.

But with this new update you can choose to get positive reinforcements, too, like a kitten or candy, or to have your words disemvoweled rather than disappear.

For more on creative nonfiction writing, I suggest Creative Nonfiction.

Write the event from the point of view of a passing bystander, another person close to the event, a pet, or even an inanimate object.

When choosing your narrator, pay attention to how objective they would have been, what they would have paid attention to, and what sort of background knowledge they would have had about the scene.3.


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