How To Write An 5 Paragraph Essay

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You can also see such tasks on TOEFL and IELTS tests.

We provide a guide and tips on how to write 5 paragraph essay structures.

Get my essay done The key to success in such task lies in a full correspondence with the given guidelines and universal standards of formatting and structuring such texts. The design of such text is always the same, and the main distinctive feature is the number of paragraphs included in the main body. Here is how it should look like with a brief description of each section: In the introduction you write about your topic, starting from a broad scope with general words and ending with your thesis statement that describes the main idea.

We bet that many of you have faced this form of academic written assignment at some point in your life and studies.

Although it is not something we have to deal with in our everyday lives, it is still a common and quite a popular form of testing people’s knowledge and skills. This form of paper is rarely used by professional authors, but it is a common format of an academic paper that students get as a task in college.

They start with a topic sentence, which is a paraphrase of the three supporting ideas introduced in the intro.

You will provide evidence and examples to support the subtopics in your body paragraphs.

In these paragraphs of your paper, you show ideas, facts, or thoughts that support your thesis and give some examples of these ideas.

It will be good if you find ideas from various sources such as books, history, someone’s experience, etc.

Moreover, transitions create a natural and cohesive structure of the essay.

They make it easy for the reader to read and assimilate the information.


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