How To Write Abstract For Research Paper

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If you are having a hard time figuring out where to start, consider going through your paper and highlighting the most important sentences in each section (introduction, methods, results, and discussion/conclusions).

Then, use these sentences as an outline to write your abstract.

For example, “The importance of epistasis¬—non-additive interactions between alleles—in shaping population fitness has long been a controversial topic, hampered in part by lack of empirical evidence” is an excellent example of an introductory sentence that both states the main topic (the role of epistasis in shaping population fitness) and describes the problem (the lack of empirical evidence in this area).

Thus, it immediately grabs the attention of the reader.

This can help you to determine which areas of the abstract will require revisions, either to clarify your meaning or to better highlight your major findings.

Sources: - 1: Genetic incompatibilities are widespread within species.

Abstracts in biological or clinical fields should mention the organism, cell line, or population studied.

For ecology papers, the location of the study is often an important piece of information.

8.4±0.6 g; p Once you have completed the abstract, it is important to check that all of the information you have included here agrees with the information in the main body of your paper.

After working on it for so long, it can sometimes be difficult to objectively evaluate whether your abstract is clear, especially because you are likely to be very familiar with the conventions within your discipline.


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