How To Write A Story Essay

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As you tell your story, it is important to paint a picture.

You don’t want to see you were nervous as you stepped off the plane but you want to say something like, your palms were sweating as you tried to maneuver the cart bearing all your luggage through the standing room only crowd.

Your story should not just answer the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where, and why) but it should also make the reader feel something.

Bring in the 5 senses with it so the reader can smell what you smelled, taste what you tasted, see what you saw and so on.

The reader will automatically begin to formulate an idea in his or her mind based on the quality you introduced and how you handled the problem.

Now, is the time to keep them interested by introducing something they aren’t expecting.Chances are, you started practicing speaking before you could walk, but not so with writing.Narrative writing is a whole new skill, one that takes lots of practice to get right.Perhaps you’re extremely shy but you desperately want to be a movie star.Adding the twist at precisely the right moment could be the one thing that keeps the reader turning the page so that he can find out exactly how you are going to balance the two.Then you will continue with the body of your essay detailing exactly how you dealt with the situation and concluding with what you learned through the whole experience.Example Problem: experiencing a new culture You grew up and spent your entire life living within the confines of your community.Then you got a chance to travel to China to study for a summer.It was difficult because no one there could relate to you and your experiences.They spoke differently, the food was different, even their tastes in clothes were different. Lesson Learned: You learned that it is you that should have to adapt and not the other way around.Eventually, when you realized that all cultures are different and each of them had their own good qualities and bad, you were able to see things differently.


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