How To Write A Self Assessment Paper

You could set up two main sections with related subheadings in each.Choose a logical arrangement that works for your purposes. You can revise it later to both focus it and make it more insightful.

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For any kind of self-assessment, use your gathered evidence to jog your memory.

Make another list, this time honestly comparing your actions (not your hopes) to each item on the first list or lists.

Maybe you have a pile of late bills or a copy of your credit report.

Find any evidence that is relevant to the type of self-assessment you are doing.

You might want to arrange the outline so you will address lesser goals first and then build to bigger goals and your progress toward them.

Alternatively, you could arrange the outline into sections that discuss related goals.

To begin your outline, make a list of the areas of your life you want to assess.

Next, gather evidence of your accomplishments and setbacks, and decide what criteria you want to use for your assessment.

Or, it might briefly discuss the fact that you have made progress and the satisfaction that has brought you, but that you still want to make more progress.

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