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Once having a solid business plan you will find that you have much more definition to your goals, aspirations and relationships in your business. Do you need some money for recording, touring, building a fanbase, building an online store/website and more? It lays out all the key pieces of how to achieve band success today. Here is the Plan's Outline: 1.0: Executive Summary * 1.1 Strategic Goals & Focus * 1.2 Keys to Success * 1.3 Imaging Statement * 1.4 Project History 2.0: Management Aspects * 2.1 Company ownership * 2.2 Organizational structure * 2.3 Band Partnership Agreement * 2.4 Management team * 2.5 Strategic partners 3.0: Music Industry Analysis * 3.1 General Industry * 3.2 Live Music Industry 4.0: Music Market Analysis * 4.1 General Music Market Trends * 4.2 Niche Music Market Trends * 4.3 Target Customers 5.0: Competition Profiles * 5.1 Points of Difference * 5.2 Positioning 6.0: Marketing Strategy & Tactics * 6.1 Marketing Strategy * 6.2 Marketing Mix 7.0: Operations & Facilities * 7.1 Office Location * 7.2 Administration & Production * 7.3 Inventory * 7.4 Suppliers 8.0: Development * 8.1 Plans for Growth * 8.2 Opportunities and Threats 9.0: Financial Data and Projections * 9.1 Financial Assumptions * 9.2 Key Metrics: Trackable Business Objectives * 9.3 Three-Year Cash Flow Statement/Projections * 9.4 Selling, General & Administrative Expenses Appendix A: Sample Investor Agreement - Long Term "Having a solid business plan is key and Peter Spellman delivers with his new e Guide, Plan Your Band!

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These, and hundreds more sample business plans, are included in Live Plan.

It's the fastest way to create a business plan for your business.

The Indie labels are similar, however, they are a bit more selective and do not always go for the most commercially viable bands. Hood Records is a Portland based record label for a select group of Portland based bands. Hood Records has adopted the business philosophy that for long term sustainable growth it will be more successful for the label to sign up just a few bands and promote them equally than to sign up a bunch and hope one is a commercial success, enough to float the rest of the bands. It provides the bands with the intimate and specialized focus of the label.

The bands recognizes that fact that this label will be working hard to promote just a few bands, and that they will not be lost in the shuffle.

It was more of a novelty to have started a label and released their own CD.

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After the tour the band broke up and Hillary enrolled into law school.

The business operates to promote several Portland based bands, all with the common element of improvisation.

Industry Analysis The retail record industry is dominated by a few large corporations.

Turn your love of music into a successful business.

First, combine your knowledge with a good business plan.


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