How To Write A 4 Paragraph Essay

If you are writing about a particular book, author, or event, you should name it (in entirety) in the thesis statement.You should also list your argument with its supporting evidence in this sentence.Body Paragraph Three should follow the exact same rules as Body Paragraph One and Two.

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It should lead the reader into the first piece of evidence you use to support your thesis statement, your argument. From the transitional/opening sentence, you can go on to cite evidence to support your argument.

This evidence must all revolve around a single theme and should come in the form of a quotation (or factual information from a primary source).

This list is a basic guideline by which to structure all your essays.

Obviously, they can vary in length and in paragraph number.

If you put too many different themes into one body paragraph, then the essay becomes confusing.

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Body Paragraph One will deal with one theme for your argument.

However, within the confines of this skeletal structure, is everything you will in order to write a successful essay.

Let us go piece by piece through this basic structure to examine the elements of this style. This opening line can be a generalization about life that pertains to your topic. Another segway into the introduction is to start it with a little anecdote (or story).

No matter what the topic is, you will see similarities between your writing tasks and these model essays.

This is because many features of writing are common across subject areas. Law, Economics, Psychology and others), it is very useful to find subject-specific essay models as you can use these to work out the ‘peculiarities’ of writing for that subject area.


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