How To Solve The Blue Screen Problem

How To Solve The Blue Screen Problem-28
Blue Screen View also identifies the driver as the root of the BSo D.

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The Windows Blue Screen of Death visits us all at times. At others, the specter of the blue screen looms unexpectedly large.

Either way, it is frustrating, especially if you cannot quickly diagnose the issue.

The command performs a huge amount of automated analysis.

Win Dbg displays the results under a new Bug Check Analysis header.

You can take the streamlined information to an internet search and start your BSo D process from there. You can then sort the dumps by Crash Time to find the latest BSo D.

Here’s how it works: Go to the Blue Screen View page and download the program. In the below image you see the Blue Screen View version of the dump file analyzed in the Win Dbg section.If that sounds like you, Nirsoft’s Blue Screen View is exactly what you need.It analyzes the same dump and minidump files as Win Dbg but streamlines the information. It automatically loads any minidumps found in the Mini Dump folder.However, there’s a huge amount of errors that I’ve no idea about. Searching for a combination of the initial error code and the additional argument information will return results of other users suffering the same issues.In many cases, the system error you have isn’t new and mysterious.Win Dbg is a powerful tool you can use to figure out the root cause of your blue screen error. The Windows 10 SDK contains numerous tools, including the Windows Performance Toolkit, Debugging Tool for Windows, the . Use the debugger for your system architecture, be that 32 or 64-bit. Symbols are essentially identifiers for programming languages that relate to specific information. Alternatively, press Ctrl D to open the file browser, then locate your dump file.NET Framework Software Development Kit, and other development tools. I have a 64-bit system, so will choose Win Dbg X64. The dump contains the information regarding the crash, such as “cause” and “location”. They make it easier to analyze the information found in a log (or code). When the dump file loads, you will encounter the initial analysis screen.You can use it for all manner of dump and file analysis.However, many readers won’t require the full spectrum of analysis tools Win Dbg offers.The major difference is the layout and comparative ease of finding the BSo D information.The Bug Check String, Bug Check Code, and Parameters are the same.


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