How To Solve A Division Problem Step By Step

How To Solve A Division Problem Step By Step-75
As in all division problems, a number called the dividend is divided by another, called the divisor.The answer to the problem would be the quotient, and in the case of Euclidean division, the remainder would be included as well.

As in all division problems, a number called the dividend is divided by another, called the divisor.

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The quotient is written above the over bar on top of the dividend.

Long division involves 5 steps: Long division can also be used to divide decimal numbers into equal groups.

Long division helps in breaking the division problem into a sequence of easier steps.

Just like all division problems, a large number, which is the dividend, is divided by another number, which is called the divisor, to give a result called the quotient and sometimes a remainder.

Each activity has a multitude of math problems that are presented in a simple, easy-to-read format that kids will find enjoyable and fun and is very conducive to learning the material.

The instructions for each module are presented step-by-step to minimize confusion and contains several examples so students will quickly learn the concepts and begin working on the solving the problems.

As a result, a short division tableau is always more notationally efficient than its long division counterpart — though sometimes at the expense of relying on mental arithmetic, which could limit the size of the divisor.

For most people, small integer divisors up to 12 are handled using memorised multiplication tables, although the procedure could also be adapted to the larger divisors as well.

Let's look at some more examples of dividing a decimal by a whole number.

Example 2: Analysis: The divisor 8 is larger than the dividend 6.6.


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