How To Get Children To Do Homework

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60% of parents today think that their kids receive a fair amount of homework.

College students spend 2-3 hours on their homework assignments.

As many of them live on campus, they cannot ask their parents to help.

I imagined this would be a relatively painless task that would leave the rest of the evening free.

Practically, it became a time of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth — a time that grew longer and longer the later into the school year we got.Our team proves its mission every day by providing high-quality content that informs and inspires a Christian life.But quality journalism has a cost and it’s more than ads can cover.And they complete their work much more quickly than before, often finishing it up about the same time that they finished their homework before Christmas — which proves that starting their homework before playing really wasn’t the best strategy.I’m lucky to have my kids at schools that understand the value of unstructured play, offering my kids several recesses a day to play 4-square or Ga Ga Ball with their friends.The breaks should take place outdoors because fresh air, natural light and vivid colors all have a big impact on the brain and its function, she added.When school started up again after Christmas, I decided to change the way I approached homework.Sometimes they come inside on their own, sometimes I have to call them in, but either way, they are significantly more compliant when I tell them to start their homework.They might complain or roll their eyes, but we no longer have pitched battles about the relative injustice of homework.The goal: to help children focus and learn better once they’re back in class.“You start putting 15 minutes of what I call reboot into these kids every so often and …


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