How Online Courses Work

How Online Courses Work-87
Instructors guide coursework and provide submission dates throughout the semester to keep students on track.

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to take an online class at Rogue Community College! However, reminders for course work are often made via course announcements, emails, and the calendar tool to help you stay on task! Depending on the course, you may work together with other students in groups, participate in peer review, or debate a variety of topics on the discussion boards. We know the Internet can be a terrifying, lonely series of tubes, but just because you’re not on campus, doesn’t mean you’re on your own! You can get your books anywhere you like – but a good place to start is the RCC bookstore website, where you can search for your specific course to find out which books you need. Or is it some kind of auto-grading robot with lasers for eyes?

No more scheduling conflicts, dragging your backpack and 50lbs of textbooks across campus, or bumping into that weird guy in the fedora from the computer lab. You need to be without a teacher standing over your shoulder reminding you about the test this Friday. You’ll be able to upload your assignments directly into your online course for grading and feedback – for example, in a writing class you will type your essay in MS Word and upload it for review; a Photoshop class will allow you to upload your unicorn drawings (if you’re into that kind of thing) as an image file. Your instructor will be available to answer your questions via email, discussion boards, and by appointment, many instructors will be able to meet with you in person or over the phone. If you like, they’ll even ship them right to your door! If you’re confused about an assignment, what your grade is for a test, or coursework in general, you can contact your instructor through the course messages system in Blackboard. Your teacher is real (as far as we can tell) – many teachers at RCC teach a mix of online and face-to-face classes; chances are you have already taken an in-person class with your online instructor.

Determining if a hybrid course is a good fit is important.

If students feel they need some face-to-face interaction with their instructors and classmates, a hybrid course could be a great option.

This provides you with a more flexible way to schedule your classes and manage your workload, but it also requires additional self-discipline and organization to stay on top of your work.

Online courses are offered through Canvas and are recommended for students who can work well independently and have solid study skills and self-discipline.

Since then, dozens of universities, including some of the most prestigious and expensive in the world, have launched their own MOOCs.

Anyone with Internet access can take Fundamentals of Neuroscience from Harvard, Intro to English Composition from Duke, Circuits and Electronics from MIT and Constitutional Struggle in the Muslim World from University of Copenhagen, all for the low-low cost of nothing [source: Coursera]!

Do I need to log into the course at specific days and/or times? These orientations don’t cover any course-specific information, and – but we will demonstrate how to log in, submit assignments, grades, and everything else you need to be successful online.

We highly recommend that brand new users take an in-person Blackboard orientation their first term! We can help you with getting logged in to your course, make sure you have a Blackboard-compatible browser, etc. Can I take an online course on my i Pad/i Phone/Android/Casio Keyboard/Nintendo DS/Calculator, etc…? Generally speaking, any device that has a web browser and can connect to the Internet will allow you to access your online course to course materials.


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