How Not To Procrastinate For Homework

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Routine is basically doing a set task at a fixed time and place.

Routine is basically doing a set task at a fixed time and place.

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There were still distractions: MTV when they played music videos that cost less than a house, when the only place to see a video was MTV, so we sat there all day WAITING for that 4-minute song to come on. They were the pinnacle of greatness that we all lived for.

Anyway, I studied in my bedroom in planned time increments with planned breaks.

Do you have a solid grasp of the material, or is it challenging?

Are you a perfectionist or do you have perfectionist tendencies?

It all works better if you can plan the time for what you need to study than just look at your giant pile of work and be overwhelmed.

Do you have a local library handy where it's quiet and there are no distractions? Put your phone on airplane mode, zip it in your backpack and leave it in there.Not only because they're often critical to health and happiness, but because just trying to do them through pure willpower can easily use up all our willpower.If you just try to "power through" horrible homework every night by sheer force of will, whether you succeed or not, after that you can often do nothing but veg out.Researchers call running out of willpower "ego depletion" (Google it) and there are all kinds of ways to conserve or boost willpower so you have enough to do the hard stuff.Since every decision you make to do something expends and depletes willpower, the most important thing is to create habits or routines that require no decision-making. Creating routines for something you hate can be really hard, but those are the things that most need to become routine.It seems like every time I sit down to do homework, though, I end up staring at it for a couple of hours and not doing it, like it’s physically impossible for me to do. My strategy is that whenever I'm procrastinating in task #1, I think of another one that needs to be done that I want to do even less – task #2I give my self a choice between tasks #1 and #2.Part of me thinks this is an issue having to do with my controlling personality. So if you're procrastinating homework, give yourself the choice between that and going to the gym/doing chores/whatever you want to do less.It is totally normal, and your teachers and counselors may have resources that can help.I would ask to speak with your counselor or a teacher you trust and like and explain just what you've told us: I'm having trouble doing my homework because when I sit down to try, I'm paralyzed and can't physically do it, no matter how much I want to.It ends up robbing you of the will to go do fun stuff that takes any kind of effort (party with friends, put your motorcycle back together, etc.).So even the hidden upsides of committing to a homework routine are totally worth the pain of establishing it.


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