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The sleep deprivation and "reduced social engagement" are both torturous for our students and affects even students who take no AP or honors classes. I have two children that went through the Palo Alto school system El Carmelo/JLS/Gunn.

Forty-three percent viewed tests as a primary stressor, while 33 percent said it was the pressure to get good grades." Let's see, 56 43 33 = 132%. No a better way to discuss this is the value of homework.

I think homework should be for review that the student has understood the material presented in class, for research in subjects like history, or for comparable reading and written assignments to develop opinion in subjects like English.

She and her colleagues used open-ended questions to examine perceptions about homework, behavioral engagement and student well-being in 4,317 students in California communities where the median household income exceeded $90,000 a year.

Too much homework can diminish its effectiveness and be counterproductive, said Pope and her colleagues, citing prior research suggesting that homework benefits plateau at about two hours per night and that 90 minutes to two-and-a-half hours is optimal for high school students.

Also, any AP or honors class adds at least an hour per class.

Think of the students who are taking 3-5 APs - torturous sleep deprivation.

My son had, until the end of the first grade year, been a skinny child.

By fourth grade, he was bordering on obese and had over three hours of homework per night, including Christmas vacation ( Christmas Day in second grade, spent at his grandparents' home, was ruined by the fact that he spent most of the day working on reports for school).

I took him out of that district and put him in a private school for two years, which capped homework at one hour per night, and he lost the excess weight .

He had more time to play with friends and joined Little League and Cub Scouts. Suddenly, my son was inundated with so much homework there was no more time for Little League, Cub Scouts, or friends.


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