Homework Oh Homework I Hate You You Stink

Homework Oh Homework I Hate You You Stink-3
He was especially fond then (and is now) of poetry.

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We'll count down the top 10, play a few "extras" and close out the show with the arrrival of the annual "Rollye James' I Hate The Holiday Club"-- if this is the season not to be jolly for you, you'll ...

Rollye James radio talk show host national syndicated Philadelphia ...

sucks I also get Calc homework(I'm glad I understand it when I'm at home!

t do homework(I HATE essays w/ a passion) which currently..

By Cato Uticensis on Saturday, November 05, 2005 Oh boy, am I hopping mad.

The "I Hate America and Won't Leave" crowd often makes the ...

Homework is the thing that makes kids who used to like school start to hate it. But nobody really wants to bring work home, and when homework is involved no one really wants to bring school home either. The trouble with homework is that it's done at home, and we should all know by now that that since not all homes are created equal that means some kids are going to have a distinct advantage over others where completing homework is concerned. You often hear teachers say that they rely on parents to be active in their kids' educations; this can mean a lot of things, but I often interpret such requests as a cry for help.

And I guess for that reason it serves its purpose: later in life, after we've all had our fill of mindless homework meant to force us to bring school home with us, we're perfectly cool with the idea that work ought to follow us home too. Whatever the reasons are for doing it, there are serious consequences to sending work home with kids. To be clear, I don't blame teachers for this—a lot of the work that gets sent home is sent home because teachers feel overwhelming pressure to cover more material than they can possibly cover during the regular school day as they balance all the responsibilities that have been placed on them.

Our son came home yesterday with a class newsletter. " and outlined what was happening in the areas of Reading/Science, Writing & Grammar, Math, and a category called "Fundations," which is some kind of word-learning curriculum (actually, it's "a phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling program for the general education classroom," for those of you keeping score at home). you're last on my list, I simple can't seewhy you even exist,if you just disappearedit would tickle me pink. It's also disheartening to see a kid that young spend valuable time poring over worksheets when, for example, he could be doing something outside. We might ask ourselves if it wouldn't make more sense to think about how we could work smarter, not harder.

There's a lot going on in that first grade classroom. Here's what it said: Please check your child's binder each night for homework assignments. I'd rather take bathswith a man-eating shark,or wrestle a lionalone in the dark,eat spinach and liver,pet ten porcupines,than tackle the homework,my teacher assigns. It's important to work hard, but more important to save the hard work for when it's really necessary.


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