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As this letter made its way around the internet, a number of teachers instituted similar policies, freeing up the afternoons and evenings of their students so that they could spend time outside and with their families, socializing and relaxing. “5 Reasons Why Students Should Have Less Homework.” Chicago Tribune. Of course, the argument can be made that homework correlates with increased performance. However, research does tend to show that children that spend more time socializing with their peers and families tend to do better in school than those who do not.

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My argument about homework is that now a days the definition of homework may mean a complete engagement in academic activities even after time at schools, which, in my opinion is disastrous for the academic and psychological growth of a student.

Most students spend about seven to eight hours daily at school, where they read, write, and take tests, quizzes, and exams. Students come to home and after a short break and having something for lunch, they might have to sit and start their homework as it’s a lot.

(This means that fifth graders should receive fifty minutes worth of homework and so on.) Many parents are concerned that their children, even at young ages, are being stressed out about the amount of homework they have in addition to their in and out of school obligations.

When faced with the choice between “wanting to encourage children to complete their work and wanting them to exercise, play, [and] just be a kid”, more and more parents are opting out of forcing their children to complete their homework (Joyce).

Parents aren’t the only ones that believe students receive too much homework.

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Many teachers have begun assigning homework more in line with the ten minute recommendation. The contemporary understanding of homework is the academic activities that students are instructed at schools to carry out at home.Most of these activities are educational and related to course curriculum.Many parents claim that forcing their child to sit down and spend their precious free time doing the same work they just spent eight hours doing at school is ridiculous.Since stopping homework, some parents have reported that their children now have the opportunity to participate in team sports, or otherwise have time to run around outside and be a kid.There will be no formally assigned homework this year. Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance. It’s been noted by psychologists and educators that younger children are becoming more stressed, which researchers believe is “detrimental to their attitude about school, their grades, their self-confidence, their social skills, and their quality of life” (Wallace).By reducing the amount of homework that children have, educators are allowing their students to just be kids and explore the world with their friends without having to worry about homework holding them back.While totally eliminating homework may not be the way to go, researchers suggest assigning ten minutes of homework per grade level. With this system in place, children will have more time to do what is most important-be children.


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