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By combining these two features, we believe our app offers significant added value. scoolio is the digital version of the Future Plan school diary.

Young people spend a lot of time on their smartphones nowadays.

How do you protect your young users against bullying and harmful content?

Safety and the protection of young people are very important to us.

First of all, we are a German company based in Saxony.

Anyone can contact us at any time by phone or email. Secondly, we are prepared to adapt our product to the needs of our target audiences.

For example, seeing a carbon compound just as a formula is different from digitally recreating it as a 3D model.

Danny Roller and his team believe it is important to be approachable so that their target audiences can communicate with them easily.

I've made a couple of pages explaining students how to use Canvas.

Here's the PDF and DOCX versions - feel free to use and adjust for your school.


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