Holocaust Denial Argumentative Essay

Holocaust Denial Argumentative Essay-3
Watching survivor testimony on video, with Oprah Winfrey and Elie Wiesel when he was still alive, was powerful as well.

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Both are enrolled in the English-Language Arts class taught by Debra Rosenblum.

In a generation more accustomed to text messages, each of these writers expresses a passion for creative writing, essays and poetry.

This helps me get the feedback I need,” said Aitchison.

“We also engage in partner editing, where we receive basic grammar, construction, and spelling suggestions from our peers before we present our work to our teacher for additional criticism.” The specific topic of the Holocaust did prove challenging to both writers.

During the time of the Holocaust, millions died at the hands of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Today, racism and hatred are taking on a new face, with online interfaces, messages can range far and wide in a millisecond.

Isabella Horton says that her favorite part of writing is to challenge the reader to see something they might not have before and to maybe change their perspective.

“A well-crafted essay, book, speech or poem can change a person’s life, and it can change history,” said Horton via email.

In her famous and heart wrenching diary, she writes after she’s gone into hiding, “It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out…” (Anne Frank) Another book describing a Holocaust experience is by Elie Wiesel. I was constantly biting my lips so that they wouldn’t freeze.

He describes his horrible experience in Auschwitz involving being worked nearly to death, losing his parents and sister, and nearly freezing to death as the war was ending. All around me, what appeared to be a dance of death…” (Elie Wiesel) Secondly, we had the privilege of hearing a survivor speak at our school, a unique experience that tragically cannot exist for much longer.


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