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Commonly identified OMT techniques included mobilization techniques, lymphatic pump techniques, and other manipulative techniques predominantly in the cervical and thoracic regions.

The wealth of OMT techniques for patients with pertussis that were identified suggests that pertussis was commonly treated by early osteopaths.

The time frame within which the literature was selected is usually defined (for example, you can focus on studies that were published between 20).

Once you have predetermined your timeframe, relevant studies within that period are selected and evaluated for their validity.

Cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, have increased in recent years despite widespread vaccination and adequate antibiotic treatments.

Osteopathic physicians may want to consider using osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) as an adjunctive treatment modality for pertussis; however, suitable OMT techniques are not specified in the research literature.Doing a comprehensive literature review is usually a part of any research process.When you start with your study, you first need to perform a thorough review of previous research so you can build on what is already available.Your findings and data are then synthesized and interpreted. It combines the findings of multiple scientific studies and statistically analyzes them.This method is based on a premise that similar studies will have a common truth, but that individual studies have a degree of error.It includes experimental and non-experimental studies, as well as data from theoretical literature (hence the name integrative or inclusive).It can be used to define concepts, analyze problems and review theories. […] look at the quality work of others and learn by observing best practices.However, a systematic review doesn’t need to include a meta-analysis. While the meta-analysis and the systematic review usually focus on quantitative studies, integrative review often include a broader spectrum of research. Integrative Review might be the least known form of literature review (at least is seems to not be mentioned as often as others).However, some consider it to be one of the most comprehensive methodological approach of reviews.


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