Higher Computing Coursework 2010

Here are a few secrets to improving a resume to get the attention you deserve. “The most valuable internships are the ones that directly relate to the line of work students will be trying to get into once they graduate,” Wang said.“If they’re looking to become software engineers, then an internship that involves computer programming will be ideal.” A. You want to provide a list of all your accomplishments, but you don’t want to include things that everyone should know, such as how to use Word, Excel, etc.

When writing the objective for your resume, be as precise as possible.

Saying you’re looking for a “programming position with the room to grow” isn’t enough.

You also don’t want to simply provide a laundry list of what you know; employers care more about what you can do.

Therefore, staying specific to the job you are applying for is usually the best bet.

Saying you’re “a backend engineer seeking to leverage analytical, coding and leadership skills as a project manager” is far better.

Higher Computing Coursework 2010

Human resources expert Steve Wang points out that computer science jobs are quite unique.For many professions, the ideal resume is relatively straightforward: qualifications, education, relevant experience, and accomplishments.Some also tout volunteer work, awards and special certifications to make the candidate stand out.“Front office jobs, like receptionists and nurses, interact with clients face-to-face.Excelling in these roles requires someone with soft skills such as having a likable personality and being an effective communicator,” Wang said.“A common misconception is that resumes need to be one page,” Wang said.“If you’re a seasoned professional with an enormous list of qualifications, it’s best to simply list it all on your resume, even if that means having a two page resume.Any other formats have the potential for strange rendering, which doesn’t bode well for a computer science guru looking for a good job. So you’ve already got a great resume, but no employers are biting.As with anything else in life, there’s probably some room for improvement.For instance, seeing a nice chunk of experience with software development on the resume of someone specializing in network architecture can be a very nice touch.Versatility is great, but not at the expense of expertise in a specific area.


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