High School Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

High School Persuasive Essay On Global Warming-39
Many scientists predict that this can have a disastrous effect on the Earth.The discussion of global warming and how to stop it has been an integral part of world politics the past few decades.These essays are sometimes called argumentative essays because of this.

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For this reason, renewable energy sources have been developed which are sustainable and are environmentally friendly.

Such sources include solar power, wind power, tidal power and wave power.

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Global Warming is the gradual rise in the Earth’s temperature due to the increased production of greenhouses gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Technology has also been developed that counters global warming.

The main contributor to global warming is the carbon dioxide released when fuels such as oil and coal, referred to as fossil fuels, are burned for energy.That is why environmental issues is a very important and challenging topic to discuss.It is important not only to persuade each and everyone that we can prevent climate changes but spread information and awareness across the world.However, practice shows that the more issues you add to your essay, the more difficult it is to write a global warming essay, as there may be lots of contradictions and underwater stones.This article aims to show every student that such an essay can become a simple and fun way of getting high grades, so you will never have to stress out when obtaining such a task.Electric vehicles are another way to prevent global warming.Since cars omit greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide but also nitrous oxide and methane, electric cars are an excellent alternative, which does not harm the environment, however there are many disadvantages to electric cars.These extra greenhouse gases are produced through activities that omit these gases such as: These gases allow more of the sun’s rays to enter the atmosphere, trapping the heat and keeping it in the atmosphere leading to the rise of the Earth’s temperature.Many measures have been taken by countries around the world to prevent the formation of greenhouse gases and to slow down global warming.The health of present and future generations of people is under threat!This is one of the most important and frequent global warming thesis statement ideas.


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