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Before we start, there is something you should know.Welcome to Time-lapse Network, a community dedicated to the fascinating technique of time-lapse.

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First things first, so let’s begin with the basics: Now that you have read and understood the basic concepts described in our guide and carried out a little practice, you are ready to move to the next step.

The eye of the viewer can be guided by actual lines in an image, or by implied ones.

The third resulted in unusable photos but the first produced a long stream of (zoomed in) closeups and the second one, in almost the same spot, produced more distant shots. With a big zoom lens you can often capture fox or rabbit shots like these, when you’re lucky and the stars align, and it’s a great day when that happens. ) more than a photographic success; almost any shot of a fox or rabbit during a hunt would qualify as success, regardless of quality.

In the second shot, the fox was much further away and out of very effective reach of my lens.

We see very well in both dim light and blazing sunshine, but for a camera we must choose those conditions in our settings or be disappointed.

Depending on the settings, the camera decides to set the exposure to maximize the overall utility of the resulting image, but this reduces the range of absolute darkness and absolute brightness compared to our own vision.Unlike the shallow stable arcs in the first picture, these are deeper.We know the hind leg will straighten, so we see the deep curve as a spring that will uncoil, driving the horse forward.It’s possible the horses are standing still, but the placement of the legs and movement of the tails creates doubt, so you follow the potential movement left and then right, instead of just left along the hillside and out, as you might if the far rider were absent.Read the rest of this entry » I am far from satisfied with my skill at capturing landscapes and am constantly experimenting for better results.These two riders are stacked up on a slanted hillside watching hunting in the lower field.Your eye naturally follows them down starting at the rump of the near horse and then reversing at the lower one.The eye travels from the rump’s inverted “U” curve to the “U” curve of the coat’s skirt and back to the inverted curve of the horse’s neck.The echo of the coat’s curve with the belly provides stability. The horse on the right, by contrast, has vertical arcs, particularly the tail closely echoing the rear.The Time-lapse Network provides its readers with the most complete free tutorial available on-line that illustrates to you clearly how to create a time-lapse video, step-by-step.We remind you that all the information and resources that you can find on these pages are offered for free, so it’s crucial for us that you support the project Time Lapse Network – by simply sharing our tutorials on Social Networks like Facebook if you like our articles. Imagine this page as your ‘Starting Point’ and begin here your guided learning journey towards time-lapse photography.


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