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Also, when the river flooded every year, the water was muddy.The mud from the river was a special kind of dirt that's very good for growing food in.

Also, when the river flooded every year, the water was muddy.The mud from the river was a special kind of dirt that's very good for growing food in.

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Since the Nile Valley was surrounded by deserts and the Red Sea, Egypt was free relatively free from foreign invasions.

The Nile was also used for travel in their civilization. ...heavenly salvation, and enjoyed the value of material items in their lives.

The political structure in Mesopotamia during the Sumarian era had no unified government. In the Babylonian Empire Hammurabi enforced his laws described in the "Code of Hammu... Hinduism was against both and so there was controversy about this religion in the Indian culture.

In contrast to the caste system in ancient India, Hinduism ranked people not by wealth and power but by their spiritual progress. Siddhartha Gautama accepted many Hindu beliefs but altered the practices.

While the flooding of the Nile River is interesting, without it, the Pyramids probably wouldn't exist!

That's because the water from the Nile gave the ancient Egyptians plenty of water for growing food.The Mesopotamian climate was harsh and since the Tigris and the Euphrates flooded irregularly, nature was not viewed as life enhancing but rather considered to be a threat.Mesopotamia was located on an open plain without protection from foreign intrusions; therefore they were continually on alert.In the water and the special mud washed down by the floods, the Egyptians grew wheat and other grains, lentils, chickpeas, grapes, figs, and many other crops.Because they had a steady supply of water and such good soil to grow their crops in, the ancient Egyptians had enough food to support big cities and the huge amount of people that you need to build a pyramid.Although it has been argued that Hinduism is not a religion.I view Hinduism as a legitimate religion in the Indian culture today.He was eventually credited as the founder of Buddhism.Hinduism would undergo many changes from its origins in Aryan society and became the religion of the majority of Indian people.It starts in a big lake called Lake Victoria, and flows northward across Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and several other countries in Africa before it passes through Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.The place where the Nile meets the Mediterranean Sea is called the Nile River delta. That's longer than the whole distance across the United States from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.


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