Grid Maths Coursework

I will create formulas, which will allow me to find the DPD for any square size and any grid size.Eventually at the end of my coursework I will have a general formula that I can use for any grid size and any square size/position.

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Hello, I am wondering if anybody here is doing maths coursework that involves finding the number of squares in a grid.

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qid=20070206104831AAr7sf TDoes anyone has NUMBER GRID GCSE maths coursework?

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I can explain why it is lw but I have trouble explaining why it is (l-n)(w-n) n=a value I know that this formula is used to work out the number of the different sized squares in the grid.

Is it because each size square within the grid takes up a certain number of 1x1 squares and that is why you can fit less 1x1 squares in so you have to -n? Thankyou Sheena Lam Hello, I am wondering if anybody here is doing maths coursework that involves finding the number of squares in a grid.

Firstly I will calculate the DPD for a square on the 10x10 square, then I will change the position so I can find a pattern between the two. ‘N’ will represent the top left number in the square/rectangle. If the answer to both the numerical and the algebraic formulas are the same then I will prove my theory by changing the position of the square/rectangle.

The width affects the DPD because changing the width of the grid means that the numbers being cross-multiplied will have to change.


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