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Little did he know, Metis would still give birth to a beautiful daughter that would change both their lives..

Sinope was a simple girl, not wanting much from life.

In this storybook we will explore the courtship of Zeus’ lovers along with the tragedy that they had to face after their affair was over.

We will explore four very different stories from four different lovers.

We’ll start off with Hera, goddess of women and marriage and Queen of the Gods.

Now you would think the goddess of marriage would have the ideal marriage, but the marriage of Hera and Zeus was not as perfect as one would imagine.

Zeus’s strength, charm, and persuasiveness are some of his strongest points.

Zeus descended to Earth on numerous occasions, in disguise of course, to seduce maidens that he fancied.

She used Zeus’s desire for her as a way to trick him, allowing her to escape from his grasp. Disguising himself as her husband, Zeus caused her to be impregnated with his son along with her husband's son.

Therefore, she gave birth to twins from different fathers.


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