Great Gatsby Research Paper Topics

Great Gatsby Research Paper Topics-44
Every American high school has Great Gatsby in their curriculum.

Every American high school has Great Gatsby in their curriculum.

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All events happen in small fictional town in West Egg, where Great Gatsby builds his luxurious mansion.

During WW1, he was a common soldier who could never hope to belong with high society.

The Great Gatsby social class exploration clearly shows how untrustworthy, tricky American equality notion is.

Your essay should follow such sections: If you are interested in getting best grade for an essay, you can look through different The Great Gatsby essay examples and see how analytical criticism is done.

So, how to write the best literary essay on Great Gatsby?

The Great Gatsby essay is an academic piece of writing that touches a topic of American Dream and the way it’s portrayed in Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.Inspired and determined to become worthy, Great Gatsby does everything in his power to fulfil American Dream.Green colors bathing Daisy’s house in light nightly represent Gatsby’s desperate desire to rise above his station and obtain love from his woman.The Great Gatsby is an outstanding novel that acts as a symbolism of how American Dream is an idealized, unachievable concept.Gatsby has overcome numerous hardships when accumulating wealth and entering high society, hoping he would impress and earn love from Daisy.It implies that if a person is not born into wealth from the beginning, they will not be able to climb the ladder of social respect regardless of how hard they try.They will never be free from their less than stellar past and consequently, they will not find a place in a circle of old money crowd.Tom, Daisy’s rich husband, sneers at Gatsby’s achievements and suggests that he is a criminal because “these newly rich people are just big bootleggers” (Fitzgerald 115).When Great Gatsby dies in an accident, in an attempt to protect Daisy, only three people attend his funeral.It further comments on Gatsby’s failure to achieve American Dream.This way, while he collected much money and was able to allow unimaginable luxury, he remained unrecognized and unappreciated.


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