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Fearful of how a hole in my CV would look come tenure time, I had pushed myself to return to work as quickly as I could, probably compromising my immune system in the process.I opened the growing to-do list on my laptop and typed, “schedule appt with MD.” Another toilet flushed.For example the drawing of an apple in Figure 2.1.1b is an icon for an apple orchard, as it literally resembles the thing that it signifies. Director Steven Spielberg is famous for showing the faces of characters as they look at dinosaurs, aliens or spaceships, before he shows his audience the dinosaur, alien or spaceship.

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One can speak of an 'indexical relationship' between the signifier (the gun) and the signified (someone will die).

In 1993, a focus group headed by Jon Steel, a partner at the San Francisco-based advertising firm Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, asked respondents not to consume milk for a week prior to participating in the study. ’ But soon, Milk PEP licensed Goody and Silverstein’s hugely popular slogan and the campaigns became, unofficially, two sides of the same coin.

In fact, it is a 'symbol', and the meanings of symbols are not inherently apparent. Symbols are signifiers that 'stands for' a person, place, thing or idea.

The image of an apple in Figure 2.1.1c 'stands for' original sin.

It is fair to say that we live in a visual age, in which we are surrounded by images and screens.

How does one begin to make sense of the bombardment of images? This page is an introduction to semiotics, the study of how meaning is constructed through signs.

Similarly, the apple on the computer is a symbol for Apple Computers (this type of symbol is known as a 'logo').

Over time people have agreed to attach these signified meanings to these signifiers. Technically icons are abstractions of the things that they actually represent.

Stressed, sick, and exhausted, I wiped away a tear and gritted my teeth in defiance.

As the saying goes, ‘a picture says a thousand words.’ In other words, images communicate succinctly.


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