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Just like a tour guide says “time to move on” when you are finished in an area and going to a new area you can do the same thing in your speeches.When you are changing your topic completely it is important to let your audience members know so they can come along on the journey with you. Just like turning the page to a new chapter of a book, or turning the car to go in a different direction.

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When giving a speech it is often appropriate to go off on a tangent.

The goal of a tangent is to deliver another important point which doesn’t fit in directly with your speech.

Here are 9 examples of signposts that you can draw on an use in your own speeches.

If you have finished a point or concluded an idea and you want to go onto your next point it is important to let audience members know you are moving on.

Below are some example of a signpost that you would use when you are speaking in public.

These are very natural terms so you shouldn’t need to “memorize” them, but it is good to begin using them in your presentations.Audience members have short attention spans and as a public speaker you need to work hard to continually capture their attention.By taking audience members on a journey, as well as letting them know where abouts on the journey they are allows you to maintain their attention on you so you can continue to deliver your message.The MP put forward forceful arguments to curb expenditure on the hospital.They study looked at the amount of platinum used in the creation of different brands of mobile phone.It’s all very well to say you should be signposting your essays or your masters dissertation, but what exactly does this mean? It demonstrates what happens when you ignore the importance of signposting:- Professor Jo Carter is a renowned expert on forensic science, however, she is better known for her crime writing mysteries. ’ genre when she was studying for her Ph D, but it wasn’t until her fourth novel, and the introduction of the popular Chief Inspector Matthius that she sprang to fame.The University will be holding it’s annual meeting on 5th June.You may need to adapt certain words and phrases for your own purposes. You may also wish to add your own sentence stems to the list below: Firstly, this assignment examines ... You are expecting a particular sort of information to follow.There is more essay guidance about sentences elsewhere in the blog.


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