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This is because they understand that the more and more laws are enacted to limit guns in the population, the easier it becomes for having greater chances of civilians not defending themselves whenever they are attacked.The civilians will not have the means of defending themselves from individuals who have intentions of harming them on a grand scale.The laws and regulations that are placed for gun laws have in no way the capacity of controlling or curtailing the selling of illegal guns to gangs and criminals.

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This law does not, however, apply to the criminals and gangs.

Rather, if there is or not a ban or regulation of guns, criminals have ways of accessing these firearms and use them for their own sinister purposes.

Thus, n trying to restrict guns in the population in the efforts of reducing mass shootings in the public will not only be detrimental consequences but also one which will leave the public exposed to gangs and criminals who are equipped with mostly illegal firearms that have been bought in the black market.

The other argument against having more and more regulations placed in controlling guns so as to minimize mass shooting is that, in the minds of gangs and criminals, the more and more there are regulations that are restricting guns, the more these efforts makes the criminals and gangs be happy.

It is for this reason that controlling guns will not be an effective mechanism since criminals do not operate on the laws of demand and supply.

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Instead the main reasons that lead to them performing heinous acts such as mass shooting lies solely in issues such as their psychotic behavior (Mc Clellan, Chandler & Erdal 623).The 1997 changes that were imposed of banning all guns and hence making it illegal for individuals to own guns made matters worse.Since the passage of this regulation, it has been observed that there have been increased incidences of crime in the streets of London unlike when there was an allowance of individuals to own and use guns legally (Khimn 14).This is in centrally to the incidences of the mass shooting, crime, and violence that are seen in the area unlike in areas which have n stricter measures like Chicago.Individuals who want to buy a gun first undergo a background check and thereafter wait up to a month before being allowed to legally carry a gun.To this end, there is a need of seeking mechanism which should be used at taming these criminals from performing or carrying out their activities within the public.Since past and present laws have failed towards enacting stringent measures of controlling and regulating selling of firearms to criminals, there is a need of looking for alternative perspectives that have led towards this crisis.Whether there are laws passed so as to restrict the usage of guns by criminals will not in itself solve incidences of mass shootings.This is because criminals already have an intent of not obeying the law hence whenever they are presented with an opportunity of using them in the public, they tend to use them irrespective of the laws and regulations that are in place.It should be understood that criminals search for guns since they already have several enemies who are trailing them.Rather than being caught with no form of security, criminals believe by having a gun to protect themselves would help them from unwanted harm (Cooper 103).


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