Gift Shop Business Plan

Small business entrepreneurs like the idea of starting a gift shop simply because the inventory is uncomplicated, the services are limited, and the shop can yield a good profit margin that lends itself to expanding in the future, adding personnel, and even opening secondary and tertiary locations.Starting a gift shop does not have to be hard if you follow a few crucial steps. Visit them in person and jot down their hours, locations, merchandise, services rendered, and the general impression with respect to clientele.

Such carts are found in train stations, airports, shopping centers, malls, in front of movie theaters and also pedestrian walkways.

They have the added benefit of being move-able and thus give you the opportunity for making a one day appearance at local fairs and festivals.

You may want to attract a variety of markets, including baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials, each with different income levels and familial status.

Talk about each group’s demographics and how those characteristics relate to the gifts you sell for birthdays, anniversaries and other important events.

Research the name you are choosing on the Internet to ensure that no one else is using it.

Apply for incorporation of your business and also any and all business licenses you need to run a gift shop in the area you have indicated.

Select gift products and store services by analyzing your customer base.

Consumers at the airport are more likely to seek out country, state or city specific merchandise than those at a busy mall.

Or, if you plan to sell gifts for holidays and special events, explain what types of products you plan to sell to meet the needs of your shoppers, such as describing the seasonal decorations, toys and novelty items for anniversaries you plan to sell.

Explain the target market you want to attract to your gift shop.


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