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During the consultation I had a number of feelings.Primarily I felt sympathy for the client because his situation reminded me of my own time as a teenager.However, this type of reflection does tend to focus more on the negative aspects of our actions rather than the positive behaviours that were demonstrated during the event that is being reflected upon (Somerville and Keeling, 2004).

During the consultation I had a number of feelings.Primarily I felt sympathy for the client because his situation reminded me of my own time as a teenager.

Self-reflection and reflection upon events that happened within a work environment are important for individuals within the nursing profession (Paget, 2001).

Reflection allows medical professionals to challenge and develop their existing knowledge, maximising the opportunity for learning and to avoid mistakes that may have been made in the past (Royal College of Nursing, 2012).

The essay reflects on an incident that occurred while I was working in one of the orthopedic wards.

I have chosen this incident as my first clinical emergency experience.

The situation had left the patient with severe disabilities and he relied on cares for all his daily functions.

The patient had a total hip replacement to remove the diseased part.For example, he has been bullied at school and is feeling apprehensive about starting sixth form in September because he believes that he will be the only sixth former with spots.Based on the reasonably lengthy history of the acne, the presence of acne on the face and the negative emotional effect that the acne was having, a three month dosage of oxytetracycline was prescribed for the patient.He complained of low self-esteem and is feeling fed up and depressed because of pimples and spots on his face.The patient was worried that girls would not be attracted to him because of the spots.Introduction This reflective essay discusses a clinical incident that took place during my shit at work.I use this reflective model to discuss how I have attained the necessary competence level in my nursing practice. The model incorporates description feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan.I suffered from bad skin from the ages of 14 to about 20 and it severely affected my own self-esteem.In a review of the literature, Dunn, O’Neill and Feldman (2011) have found that patients suffering from acne are more at risk of depression and other psychological disorders.The patient disclosed that he had begun to get spots at around age 14 when he had started puberty and that it had begun to make him feel extremely self-conscious.The patient described the negative effect that the acne was having.


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