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Usually authors here make an enforced ‘emergency stop’, and then commonly write up what should have been the wrap sentence as the beginning of the next paragraph.The first paragraph then has a sequence of Topic, Body, Tokens but no wrap sentence.The effect is again to bury the real topic sentence one or two sentences deep in the paragraph.

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If the problem arises from an overlong exposition of a token or an exhibit, then the author needs to find a solution that allows a partial digression to be smoothly handled.

If a paragraph falls between 200 and 250 words this might be retainable, so long as the wrap sentence can still reconnect readers back to the (now rather distant) topic sentence.

They mistakenly believe that this way of proceeding will convince readers that they have closely read the literature.

But when the first words of a paragraph are someone else’s name, the author is inadvertently signalling: ‘Here follows a completely derivative paragraph’ — or section if this pattern is repeated.

When and if they look more closely inside the body of the paragraph, readers may also initially skip across token sentences.

And they will normally put off digging into ‘hard’ formulae or tough exposition materials in search of a more intuitive (if approximate) understanding gleaned from the sentences that precede or follow them.For a research text this occurs if it falls below 100 words, and especially if it consists of just one sentence or is less than 50 words.Normally, short, bitty paragraphs like this look terrible on the printed page of a journal or a research book, and they undermine the usefulness of paragraphs as argument building blocks.Check how they read, how substantive and informative they are, and how they might be improved.Six things most commonly go wrong in writing paragraphs:, instead of a fresh topic sentence.But because of their partly digressive character the author is reluctant to recognize the need to create separate paragraphs to handle them.Especially when they discuss attention points or exhibits that are complex and not designed to be self-contained and easily understood, body and token sentences may blur together, creating text where the mainstream argument becomes hard to distinguish.So critical readers’ common reaction is to downgrade or skip the paragraph (or sequence of such paragraphs) and move on.The easy solution to this problem begins by not thinking in terms of individual authors, but focusing instead on the schools of thought, or ‘sides’ in an empirical controversy, that the authors to be cited represent. Then explain the core ideas or propositions of one or more schools of thought involved in the body sentences.In English the core building blocks of any intellectual or research argument are paragraphs.Each paragraphs should be a single unit of thought, a discrete package of ideas composed of closely linked sentences.


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