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Conventional Christology has focused on the Atonement, interpreted in various ways, accomplished by Jesus' death; and on the Incarnation, that is, the embodiment of the divine word in human flesh.Fox's Christology puts the emphasis on Christ as the fulfillment of the prophecy that a prophet like Moses would come, who was to be heard and obeyed in all things.

It is doubtful if Fox thought of himself as its originator.

We know that Fox had the first chapter of Romans in mind when he used this phrase, for he refers to it in his reply to Enoch Howet.

When he hears and obeys he is brought under the authority of the Creator, and his life reflects the image of the Creator.

When he closes his ear, or refuses to obey, he loses the divine image and the consequence is death, darkness, and captivity to demonic forces.

This new era did not have the transforming effect on history that it should have had because the prophetic power of Christ's redeeming work has been rendered ineffective in the course of Christian history.

Fox accused the historical Christian churches of "denying the power." The power that they were denying was the power that comes from the Creator through Christ, the heavenly prophet.That Fox saw "that of God in every man" in the context of Romans 1 is evident from the following passage written in 1658: "So that which may be known of God is manifest within people, which God hath showed unto that of God in them all must they come before they do hold the truth in righteousness, or retain God in their knowledge, or retain his covenant of light" [4].Fox does not use the declarative sentence, "There is that of God in every man," and he never makes it the central theme of any of his sermons or writings.From Fox's viewpoint, a messiah who is not the universal prophet who now teaches the principles of God's righteousness to all men is not the savior of the world.Through his office of heavenly prophet, Jesus Christ overcomes and vanquishes the darkness, death and captivity that came upon man through disobedience, and a new era of light, life and freedom is born.Man's relation to his Creator is therefore personal - like that of a son to a father, a wife to a husband, or a disciple to a teacher.This can be called the prophetic conception of man because prophecy, in its biblical sense, is essentially a word to man from his Creator.Jesus Christ is the way that God has chosen to restore the line of communication between man and himself.Fox's Christology focuses on the prophetic office of Christ.Many present-day Quakers, when asked what the Quakers believe, are likely to reply: "They believe that there is that of God in every man." George Fox used this phrase, or variants of it, hundreds of times.This phrase does not occur in the Bible and some have been tempted, as I have been, to suggest that it may have originated with Fox [1].


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