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Advocates of genetic testing, genetic engineering, and cloning are strongly testifying to the massive benefits the human genome project will bring to humanity.

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This difference is discussed below with reference to the availability of security officers during the three shifts.

Shifts and clustering of occurring offences: The following table summarizes the standard deviation, nearest neighbour index and p values for the three shifts: Crime type Std Dev......1.

The initial blueprint of the human genome was broadcasted on February 2001 in the journal Nature; which showed the progression of the genome’s 3 billion base pairs.

The completed gene arrangement was published in April 2003 (“Overview of the Human,” 2010).

Apart from the aforementioned disadvantages, gene mapping is also contravened by many issues; among which are issues on information confidentiality, psychological effects, reproductive and clinical issues, conceptual and philosophical implications, health and environmental issues, commercialization of products, and other uncertainties, such as the causative agent for complex conditions (e.g.

heart disease) (“Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues,” 2008).Information acquired through gene mapping, is presumptive and not prognostic (Rajeski, n.d., para. It aids in the identification of gene mutation, insertion, and deletion that may or may not result in a disease. (2004), awareness of innate gene mutations can empower, as well as impose adverse emotional effects and feelings of distress.Knowledge of what could be can greatly alter the way an individual perceives the future and live one’s life.When three restriction enzymes were used together, three bands were produced with 3.8kb, 1.6 kb and 1.4 kb.From this data we can confirm that the Eco R1 restriction site is present only next to the Pst 1 restriction site and the distance between the Bam H1 and Pst 1 is constant.Some of the principles foreseen to be offended by the human genome project are autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice, veracity, and fidelity (Daniels, 2004, p. Easy access to the human genome database can violate a person’s right to autonomy. Process mapping entails drawing a picture, or map, of a process.It is a simple tool that can help understand how the system works, analyze and redesign it for better outcome.References: Brown, TA 1995, Gene Cloning : An introduction, Chapman and Hall. Article Analysis This paper strives to give an analysis of the article by Ding, Liang-Qi, Wao, Chuan-Chao, Farina, E.Kruezer , H and Massey, A 2008, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: a guide for teachers, ASM Press. “Mapping Human Genetic Diversity on the Japanese Archipelago”. Sara, and Li, Hu, which is titled “Mapping Human Genetic Diversity on the Japanese Archipelago” and published in Advances in anthropology 1.2 (2011): 19-25.Can the information learned from the Human Genome Project be......Crime mapping: Introduction: This paper discusses the clustering of occurring offences in three different police shifts.


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