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It was developed as a “better” version of the normal regular tomatoes... Summary Genetically Modified Foods Industry Overview Genetically modified foods produced from the organisms undergoing changes in their DNA through genetic engineering have facilitated realization of new crop characteristics and obtaining better control over the food’s genetic structure.Genetic modification is the production of new crops’ types.

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Assignment DQ 2: Genetically modified food Genetically modified (GM) food has been at the center of academic debates regarding its advantages and disadvantages, and its effect on the environment.Client’s 29 November Every human being is dependent upon certain basic necessities; the most basic of them all is food, shelter and clothing.Food is extremely important for any human being to survive, poverty and hunger still exists in the world and it’s a real shame for all those people who are doing very little about this.Advantages As the world population is poised to double to 12 billion by 2050, GM food is widely expected to meet the challenges by : 1.Better pest-resistance, by reducing the requirement of insecticides and herbicides, thus increasing food yield naturally by reducing losses. Better adaptation to weather and soil conditions : At present crop yields are often lowered by cold weather, droughts and salinity of......These technologies are more precise than mutation breeding (mutagenesis) where organisms get exposed to chemicals or radiation to create a random but stable change.Other technology by which food gets modified, was not conducted under natural field conditions, the results seemed to support this viewpoint. toxins kill many species of insect larvae indiscriminately; it is not possible to design a B.t.This GM variety products have been predicted to spread in the “big- four” (Weasel, 2009, p.198) industrial crops which includes the corn, cotton, soy and canola in United States.(Weasel, 2009, p.198) It is very unlikely that genetically modified food presents any direct risk to the human health but the distinctive nature of these foods may cause harm to the human health in the future, due to the transfer of the genes between the species while they are produced.Some are also concerned about the effect it has on the environment and the local economies and most importantly on the biodiversity. 4-5) The ongoing debate on whether these foods will stay in the market or will become an extinct cannot be answered directly but the present scenario is marked with the escalation in the demand of these foods throughout the world economy.The Genetically modified food (GMF) has been readily adopted and accepted in the United States which still persists to grow since its appearance in the market.


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