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Click on this padlet, as seen below, to participate in a sorting activity with the criteria: repositioning the old assessment criteria according to where it might fit into the new: can certainly also be seen to be part of this removal of prescriptive detail, towards a slimmed-down, student-centred approach to assessing their work.But it is also a move away from traditional academic writing form.

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These concerns dovetail with broader questions regarding trends in curriculum overhaul in the DP: is the IB moving in a pronouncedly less academic direction, away from the rigorous traditions that have driven its prestige as a pre-university diploma?

, a concise summary and synthesis of the core ideas in the essay is now deeply embedded in the pedagogical support for the research process throughout the essay, and, indeed, in the more holistic, critical thinking oriented assessment criteria. I'm instead going to plead a dialectical logic - to which we will return.

The subject briefs cover core requirements, aims and assessment.

To find them, open the 'DP subject briefs' panel in the resource and document library.

This, in keeping with other Diploma trends such as the overhaul of the Theory of Knowledge assessment criteria towards separately, comprising four different criterion subsets.

This never struck me as supportive of diverse writing styles and structures, as appropriate to multiple disciplines, methodologies and diverse learner profiles. So supervisors, and students have tended to play it safe, sadly: writing ( as, perhaps, in the MYP’s Personal Project with its likewise overelaborate and prescriptive assessment criteria) to a reductive formula.The Extended Essay (EE) is one of the elements of the IB Diploma that most distinguishes it as a world-class pre-university educational model: a 4,000 word essay that allows students to enter university life confident in their ability to sustain a substantial research project.It is also identified as being at the For first assessment this summer, May 2018, the EE has been overhauled, comprising a new approach to pedagogically supporting students, and a slimmed-down, more holistic assessment criteria.Most pronounced of the changes are probably that the is now a formally assessed dimension.These two changes have been stirring-up teachers in the IB community - as can be seen from some of the pre-workshop comments raised on this Padlet.Learn more about the extended essay in a DP workshop for teachers.Our recognition resource and document library has subject briefs for the DP, looking at every subject at both standard and higher level.The EE is an externally assessed component of the Diploma Programme, marked by an IB examiner.Examiners are unaware of any predicted grade that your supervisor gives to your essay.What if, for example, the student is writing in a dialectical structure, and their - will every examiner have identified, and so rewarded this? , worth 12 of the overall 34 points available, and allowing us to authentically participate in a holistic positive marking ethos: rewarding good thinking, good writing and the TOK dimension where we read it, not according to concrete sequential prescription.But this certainly involves a mind-shift for those familiar with the old way of assessing.


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