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All over the world, less value has been placed on women’s lives, and they are treated less equally.This has led to gender discrimination within the household, community, state and in the labor market.As such, it relates the probabilities of both genders to the unequal access to property, power and prestige due to the sex differences.

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It has the ability to reflect on ones gender identity.

Gender identity is self identified and results from intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

When one dives into the mechanics of society workings, certain features are common to each and every community.

In connection to this, there also exist differences in characteristics, traditions and customs.

This article, well points out that work place diversity within the STEM professions is less likely to occur without the wage parity between men and women in the STEM professions.

Elaborating further on this subject, this article asserts that, a way of achieving gender pay equity in the STEM professions must involve the federal tax incentives in order to ensure compliance with the standards stipulated by the federal pay equity standards.According to the findings of this article, work function and the employer accounts for most of the pay gap.Indeed, women hold positions in the lower paying chemistry positions.Historians claim that ethnic violence was initiated by German and Belgian colonies.The most intense riots broke out in the aftermath......?Gender is a cultural construct, expectations for men and women vary widely II. Men -Independent -Aggressive -Sex Initiators -Career Focus -Suppress Emotions -Success = Achievements B.Women -Nurturing/Friendly --Self-Conscious about Appearance -Social Poise -Passive -Submissive -Focus on Marriage and Children -Success = Relationships Athletic ability: • Men have greater upper body strength but, athletic ability, strength and endurance are largely of function of physical activity, training, genes and hormones Intelligence: • Recent studies contradict stereotypes.Differences in math, verbal and mechanical test scores are very small • Many studies show greater variation within sexes than between Stereotyping • Studies tend to emphasize the differences rather than the similarities When differences are found, people tend to assume that all men or women are superior in a given category • Cultures reinforce stereotyping Cultural Influences -All pre-industrial societies divide labor based on sex -What individual culture considers male or female work varies widely -Regardless of roles, virtually all cultures place a…...Sexism, as used in this context, refers to the situation in which men are seen as superior beings and therefore, regarded as better suited to take on challenging tasks and education fields.Thus, the gender role is often an outward expression of a person’s gender identity.This article will endeavor to expound on such gender stratification, with a focus on gender construction, gender socialization and the role of media.


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