Ged Essays 2013

I set perfectly still then, listening to my heart thump, and I reckon I didn’t draw a breath while it thumped a hundred.1.

The GED Tests are standardized regularly by testing a sample of graduating high school seniors.

Your raw GED Score is determined by giving you 1 point for each correct answer and 0 points for each incorrect answer.

Your raw score is then “equated” to derive a scaled score. CK-12 Foundation - Sat Prep - the SAT - Not affiliated with or endorsed by the American Council on Education (“ACE”) or GED Testing Service LLC.

For example, if your percentile rank were 74, it would imply that 74% of the graduating seniors who took the test score at or below your score.

Your GED test score is determined by first calculating your raw score, and then determining a scaled score.


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