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Luckily still got the grades needed but apparently school are querying it as the whole class has gone down and last year this teacher's marking was spot on.e It sounds like poor teaching OP.Tell dd to go and see them, to find out what has happened.

Luckily still got the grades needed but apparently school are querying it as the whole class has gone down and last year this teacher's marking was spot on.e It sounds like poor teaching OP.Tell dd to go and see them, to find out what has happened.

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The college/6th form exam office should be able to advise.

Rest assured, someone in the college / 6th form will be getting a tough meeting for something like that happening, not that it helps your DC in the meantime I assume the school will seek a remark.

In 2002 (I'm so old ) my French a level coursework went from an A to a D on moderation.

It was annoying for sure but I never got it remarked as no one did then and I had got in to my uni so it didn't matter.

At best staff can say "based on last year's boundaries it would be in the region of..." If staff have given firm grades then they've been foolish,equally they may not have and have offered approximations which are taken as being fixed by students. I clarify that with students every year and then there's always some who say 'how many marks am I off a C/A/A*?

' or will tell me they don't need to be secure on one section for the exam "because I have an A* in coursework".

If it wasn't then you could try to appeal on the grounds that it was pulled down substantially without being looked at as part of centre adjustments.

I'm not too sure on how that would work though as Ive never been there.

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