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As well as being dishonest and unfair on the person you’re copying from, plagiarism can get you into trouble.You might receive a warning, have your final grade lowered, or even have your qualification taken away.

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They will not lose marks on other assignments for not handing in one specific piece of coursework.

The Joint Council for Qualifications outlines when a deadline can be extended: While it is very uncommon for GCSE or A-Level exams to be rescheduled, they may be postponed in exceptional circumstances.

The official website indicates that students won't be eligible for special consideration if: It is important to stick to coursework deadlines - as failing to do so could prevent you from being awarded a high mark.

If a student does not submit controlled assessment on time, they are recorded as absent for the task.

SCHOOL pupils up and down the UK are sitting down and facing the tense and sometimes stressful end of year exams.

If preparing for the important tests wasn't bad enough, uncontrollable circumstances could get in the way of a pupil and their assessment.

The internally assessed element of a subject can make up a significant part of your final mark and for some subjects, this counts for more than half of the total.

It can be a useful way of showing what you can do, where an exam wouldn’t be suitable, for example, a music presentation or a science experiment, but it can also allow you to: Internally assessed assignments can be set over several days or weeks, so there’s also less chance of your grade being affected if you have an ‘off day’.

Some, like art and design, have more coursework and fewer exams.

Many AS and A levels are made up of a combination of exams and internal assessment, but this varies depending on the subject.


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