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The books of redspot publication are very popular in Bangladesh. flat no : 6 Mobile phone : 00971506187147 Hi, i am interested in purchasing the following A-Level books.

This book aims to prepare students for the O Level Examinations. Learning Objectives: Learning objectives of each chapter based on the latest syllabus are given in this section.

So in a system that's 100 years old (yet virtually unchanged), I'm on a m i s s i o n to move the academic needle forward. ABOUT ed Pioneer In this post, you'll get acquainted with my most powerful tool for teaching the basics of argument development...behold, the 'tree of reasoning' strategy!

Specifically, I'm all up in your digital space to create and share updated ways for teaching writing, so high school ELA teachers can meet local and national standards while also cultivating what matters MOST for today’s 21st century learners and tomorrow’s innovative leaders. This is a core activity for the 'make writing' mentality here at ed Pioneer, so get hip to it, will ya?!

Students should make sure that they are able to meet all the expectations before taking the examination. Key Points: This part is featured by concise study notes.

All main points and formulae are presented to help students consolidate their knowledge learnt in class. Exam Tips: Common mistakes, misconceptions and important reminders are listed in this part. Stop & Think (Challenging questions with solutions): For each chapter, different types of questions appearing in the examination are included to enhance students examination techniques.


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