Garden Center Business Plan

Garden Center Business Plan-84
The old adage that marketing decisions should be based on marketing facts provides the foundation for situational analysis.In turn, the situation analysis provides basis for establishing objectives and determining practical and realistic marketing strategies and tactics.

From a managerial perspective, marketing may be defined as the total system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote, and distribute nursery products that satisfy the wants/needs of potential/present customers, while achieving the businesses’ objectives.It should not be viewed as a one-shot or once-a-year activity. These objectives must be in line with the overall objectives of the nursery as well as with the financial objectives and production objectives.Marketing objectives are typically set in such areas as profit, return on investment, sales volume, market share, pricing, advertising, and promotion (Table 2).In determining marketing objectives the manager should be guided by a number of criteria.Marketing objectives should be measurable, specific, consistent with overall business goals, attainable and have specific deadlines.A diversification strategy occurs when the manager attempts to attract new groups of customers by moving into totally .This might involve taking a new product or service to totally new markets that the company didn’t previously serve.The major emphasis in this definition is the customer, first and foremost.The business that provides customers with what they want, when and how they want it, will be the most successful.This is based on the research findings and opportunities identified in the early stages of the situation analysis.After segmentation, certain target market options exist for the firm: In the case of marketing nursery products, it is probably best to employ the second option and target 2-3 segments including a primary market, a secondary market, and a salvage market.


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