Frost Essay The Figure A Poem Makes

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Frost famously likened the composition of free-verse poetry to playing tennis without a net: it might be fun, but it “ain’t tennis.” You will find only tennis in the poems that follow.

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Then the desire of 'getting out of the train' to observe exactly different types of flowers and the details can be considered a poetic pretext for choosing the suitable words and rhymes.Towards the end the poem reveals another meaning through the verse:" Heaven gives its glimpses only to those/Not in a position to look to close"-this might explain that we are called to hazard ourselves to God's glory. Robert Frost Introduction Robert Lee Frost (1874 – 1963), one of the most celebrated American poets, is mainly known for his realistic depictions ofrural life through his poetry and is regarded as one of the finest of rural New England’s pastoral poets.He is a poet who considered nature and his rural surroundings as a source for insights to write his poems and, to him, poetry begins with nature.The essay insists on the process of elaborating a poem.It can start instantly like a spark in the writer mind, just a ‘surprise of remembering something’, then the initial thought ‘keeps growing’ and develops through the author’s linguistic skills.The beauty of the poem is revealed through the technique of opposites and the words that build up a kind of balance of contrasts.We can notice the middle verse:" But if I had to perish twice" as a line of symmetry between contrasts.In parallel ,regarding to humans, the poem suggests the opposition between 'desire' ,'love' on a side and 'hate', on the other side.So, in other words just as 'fire' and 'ice' are opposite , so are 'desire', 'lust' in comparison with coldness feeling or lack of caring.Apart from the themes of rural life, Frost’s poems also celebrated various intricate social and philosophical themes.Significantly, Frost occupies the status of one of the most read and constantly anthologized.....the time continues forward past the time of beauty for the woman and past the time of life for the boy.


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