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47) Her developmental theory of embodiment in relation to contemporary models of memory and learning underlines her conclusion that “therapeutic changes do not occur after merely cognitive insights” since “embodied memories are constructed in the analytic relationship” and need to be remembered and worked through in the transference. 71) In commentary, Linda Mayes notes that Leuzinger-Bohleber in addition to her contribution to research methodology, highlights “the theoretical shifts in understanding sexuality, and especially the role of early attachments and object relations in defining the range and depth of sexual orientation.” (p.

74) Richard Friedman addresses “The Issue of Homosexuality in Psychoanalysis,” reminding us of prejudiced psychoanalytic attitudes in the 1970s.

It is difficult to summarize the chapters, not only because of their diversity, but also their richness.

Peter Fonagy, in his introductory overview, provides a refreshing assessment of sexuality in terms of its being enjoyed.

Given the structural similarities of psychoanalytic therapy and nature of sexual excitement, what might surprise us is the relative infrequency with which sexual boundary violations occur rather than their disturbingly high prevalence.

(p 19) Fonagy regrets that references to sexuality that were key to Freud’s thinking have dwindled in psychoanalytic theory over the past decades.

He proposes, Within most modern psychoanalytic formulations the almost infinite variety of sexuality is accepted as normal and bounded only by the human imagination.

However, like any human activity, sexuality is seen as serving multiple functions, and it is the service to which sexuality is put that indicates a fundamentally maladaptive character.

The book attends to the question: Is sexuality disappearing from psychoanalytic discourse?

The thinking of each author reassures us that it is not.


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