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Steve Blank, the author of the bestseller suggests that very few people understand where their market is, which is why the overall model of product development doesn’t work as a guide for creating a startup.

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The number of details you have to deal with depends on depends on the scope of the project itself as well as its main idea, the budget, implementation area of a product, and your employees.

How can you collect all the elements of the puzzle that to create an overall picture of your project from start to finish? As a rule, you should start with visualizing the project and formulating its key ideas that will provide the basis of your business plan.

The form of the executive summary should be clear and concise, without detailed information about how your product works.

In your executive summary, address the situation in the market, who your target customer is, and what unique problem your application can solve.

Indeed, a business plan is static: it’s a document that’s developed once and is hardly rewritten after adoption. Steve Blank believes that writing a business plan is useful and makes you think through all the parts of your business — and combining the financial model makes you think about how to build a profitable business.

On the other hand, the business model is dynamic; it undergoes rapid changes and depends on consumer opinion. However, you need to check the ideas in your business plan with your business model — outside the office, communicating with consumers.Usually, there are two reasons why mobile app startups write a business plan: The content of the business plan for a startup depends on the startup’s main goal.To attract founders, it’s enough to create a business model canvas — a more flexible model of the traditional business plan that can easily adapt to iterations that are characteristic of technology startups.Otherwise, your business plan for developing an app will be only a theory.So how can you create an effective business plan for your mobile app?And considering that in each application category there are hundreds of almost identical applications, you must attract users so they’ll download your application.Chad Mureta, an entrepreneur in the app world, says that a developer’s profit directly depends on their knowledge of what’s interesting to the user; that is, to create a successful and profitable application, a developer should think like a user.The purpose of business analysis is to analyze the needs of potential users — in other words, to gauge the degree of public interest in your product.During business analysis, you can also include an objective competitive situation, analyze consumer demand, and define the main objectives and advantages of your project.The cost of writing a business plan will be related to the costs that are required to launch the project.In order to save money, you can use business plan templates.


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