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She is upset at herself, as well, for trying to hoard wisdom through the Jesus Prayer as others hoard knowledge.True "no-knowledge," by its very absence, cannot be hoarded.

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Does Franny really love Lane Coutell, and vice versa?

What is seems Mc Intyre is trying to say is that these characters’ ideas about religion and society don’t mix at all.

They are two totally different entitles, and if they were to mix, then it would ruin the whole purpose of the novel itself.

Buddhist detachment rids oneself of the negativity of ego and frees up the positive part of the ego: Zooey tells Franny she must act, as that is her God-given talent, and use her ego as best she can (much as Buddy counseled him to do).

But she must not let the negative part of the ego interfere - by making her criticize her fellow actors, for instance.By incessantly praying to Jesus, the person who prays is endowed with "Christ-Consciousness," in Zooey's words, and can see God, in Franny's words.What Franny realizes only at the end of the novel, thanks to Zooey's wisdom, is that not only does one unite with Jesus through the prayer, but through all humanity, since everyone carries Christ within him or herself.Also that this separations shows that the story is about love just as much as religion and spirituality.The next example demonstrating Salinger’s spiritual focus through the prayer which Franny reads in the little green book.They are competitively absorbed in their own egos, and whatever detachment they have is detachment from humanity.As such, they lead insecure lives of critical destruction - the section men ruin literature for others, Lane is interested only in his critical paper on Flaubert.Respect was Franny's original deficit - she told Lane she was sick of liking people and wished "to God I could meet somebody I could respect." By literally doing this - praying to Jesus - she learns respect for those she has already met.We may assume that Zooey, who has a far more hostile relationship with Bessie, will come to this conclusion, as well.One deals with Franny, a young female who is at a crossroad with her beliefs, and the other deals with her brother Zooey who tries to help his sister through her difficulties.Once this book was published in 1961, it was an instant hit and made its way to the best-seller list.


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