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Foreign Country Essay-3
The best way to deal with it is to divert your mind by joining different clubs or the person can even call its family members and have a long talk, as this would refresh his or her mind and would really feed one when they feel homesick.

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People have this mindset that other countries are better than their own, this is the reason why they go and travel on holidays, some of the students travel abroad for the purpose of studies in different and well established universities.

For some, the reason of travelling to the foreign nations may be totally vary from all these mentioned above.

A bad weather can actually be a big turn off for the travellers who are travelling to different countries.

A proper good weather is something which a person desires for and would be ideal enough for the main purpose of travelling.

This is the worst problem through which a person has to deal with when it comes to travelling to a new and different country.

Losing up your wallet or the passport can be a huge loss for the owner.It is advised that the person should pack their bags accordingly and should not forget to check the weather forecast before leaving.One should always have backups if this kind of situation arises, or else one would be very disappointed.Identity cards are something with the help of which a person gets identified when they are in a foreign country, and this problem would make person stranded in a new country.To cope with it, one must keep photocopies separately in their side bags.When the money is lost, one cannot do anything as everything would pause for that very person.While travelling to foreign countries, one should never ever keep all the money at one specific place.Everyone loves travelling, for this very reason people try to get more and new experiences by visiting to different foreign countries.Many of the people come across this idea of travelling to new countries by watching shows on televisions, which make people aware about the different sort of cultures followed, languages spoken by them, the food they eat and many more things are there in this list.Learning is something which most of the people adore and try to gain as much as knowledge they can in their life-time.This is the reason why they move and travel to new countries to experience new things in life.


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