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Critic Jim Miller savaged the record, throwing around unkind barbs like “abortive,” “aberration” and, most directly, “pompous tripe.” In his estimation, Morrison made a mistake.As grand album concept centerpieces go, “You Don’t Pull No Punches, But You Don’t Push The River” makes for quite a sprawl.At least as ambitious as psychedelia yet more inherently Homeric in scope, the nearly nine-minute journey spills Morrison’s guts into a pastoral epic.For submissions, use the following attributes: 1) Use RHXX as the series catalog # 2) Format to include "Club Edition" 3) Series to be Vinyl Me, Please. Note the present-tense there, if you please, because, as has periodically been the case with Van Morrison’s discography, the now-quinquagenarian classic didn’t start out as his universally acclaimed masterpiece.So much has been written about the latter album, its influence and its importance, on this side of the millennium marker that drawing sonic parallels robs the former of its right to stand alone, to be assessed with fresh ears as the aberrant catalog entry the original executioner Jim Miller concluded it was.Though the stream-of-conscious style of the lyrics and jazz tangles of the instrumentation assuredly tie the albums together, there’s great value in taking is the sound of new beginnings.It feels not so much like a kiss-off as a spirited contemplation, a touch of bitterness and a taste of a bewitching.This isn’t Lou Reed plainspokenly emoting emotional breakdown as on , but instead a farrago of thought.To each his own, perhaps, but this was in feature some years back, Elvis Costello counted the album as part of a list of 500 essentials.Sinéad O’Connor not only swears by it, but remains one of the few courageous enough to declare it better than today requires more compelled regurgitation than any doctor would consider healthy.


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