First Grade Homework Ideas

First Grade Homework Ideas-71
If there are more than 3 tricky words on these two pages, this is a good indication that the book is too hard for your child and will frustrate him/her.

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Here are some fun books that may be appropriate for your child to read independently, or with just a little help: Integrate learning into everyday activities.

For example, your child can easily practice writing by helping you make a grocery list.

When choosing books that are just right for your soon-to-be first grader, have your child read aloud the first 2 pages to you.

If each page has just a few sentences on it, your child should be able to read all but about 2 of the words.

And the last number counted is the number of the set.

These big ideas underpin more efficient counting strategies such as counting on from the larger number.They are also developing the idea that “nothing” is represented by 0, and that any number in the system can be written with the digits 0-9. Having been a classroom teacher in Pre-K through 2nd grade, I’ve seen firsthand how much kids can lose over the summer.Then, in my next two posts, I’ll share summer learning tips for rising second graders and rising third graders.Each post will have tips for parents, as well as a free PDF at the end of the post that teachers can print off and send home with their students.Parents can help develop math skills no matter what their child’s age by exploring the math in the world around them.First graders are developing a more complex understanding of number. They know that all sets of 6, no matter what objects, are equivalent.What is most important is having your child practice listening for the sounds in words and then writing them down. ”– Play “Make Ten.” Fluently knowing pairs of numbers that add up to 10 will help your child tremendously in first grade.Other fun summer writing ideas: have your child keep a daily or weekly journal, write a postcard to a friend or relative, write letters to his/her Kindergarten teacher, or write about a vacation trip.– Play “Find the Alphabet.” Look for the letters (or things that start with each letter) from A to Z, in order. You can start by saying, “I see an airplane; that starts with ‘a.’ Can you find something that starts with ‘b’? Find a number less than 10, and then have your child find the number that can be added to it to make 10. ”– Take a series of pictures of your child doing a simple activity or chore (i.e. Then, print out the pictures – 1 per page – and have your child write a book to teach someone how to do the activity.It feels like you were just buying your child’s first picture books, and already, it’s time for her to start 1st grade. It’s OK, we’ve been there.) But let’s be honest: Kids aren’t the only ones who get nervous about a new school year!That’s why we’ve created this 1st Grade Guide to make the leap easier than ever.


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